I'm Lauren, the one woman show over here at Lauren Ligon LLC. As an artist and formally trained graphic designer, I'm not much for words so let's keep this quick and to the point:

Who I Am:

- A watercolor artist & formally trained web
   & brand designer.
- An Enneagram 4 (read: Originality & authenticity
   are at my core) 
- a former educator to little minions
- a child of christ, the og creator
- a USAF pilot wife

What I Do:

- create painted heirlooms
- tell your love story on paper
- commemorate timeless memories in paint
- Celebrate loved ones in unique & personal ways
- set the stage for your wedding day
- take lots of pieces off your wedding checklist
- create a cohesive & memorable aesthetic from
   mailbox to wedding day with paper goods

Who I Serve:

- couples who love their love story
- brides who care about the details
- grooms who want to set the stage
- friends who want to celebrate your family
- pet lovers of all shapes and sizes
- people who love my art & trust in my vision
- anyone who believes art should be valued & cherished

well hey there!

Meet the squad

shipping control, security, chief borker



life coach, assembly assistant, wine server

Who I'm
Learning From:

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ellery loyd

What I'm Reading:

What I'm Listening To:

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